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Raise awareness about drug addiction and help those who are struggling. When more people talk about addiction and recovery, more people can begin to get the help that they so desperately need.

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A social initiative to spread awareness about drug de-addiction.It enables users to know more about drug de-addiction and find de-addiction centers around them.


Rajinder's Story

03 DEC 2013Posted In : category

Born in Gurdaspur, Rajinder was 5 years of age when both his parents passed away. One of his maternal uncle took him to Kapurthala and the other took his three sisters. The thought that his uncle love his children more than him became one of the reasons for his insecurity. As the anger and hatred grew, he started distancing himself from them. He could not focus on his studies after sixth class and his school bag carried alcohol instead of books. Somehow even without attendance he managed to reach class 10th.


Vishal's Story

03 DEC 2013Posted In : category

Hailing originally from Kharar, Vishal reached Ambala when his father’s close friend adopted him, who had 3 daughters. After adoption his parents were blessed with a baby boy of their own. His real mother visited him a couple of times with lots of toys, but when she saw that he didn’t recognize her and was happy, she relaxed. Vishal sometimes felt that his younger brother was pampered a little more than him. Life went on, and in the year 2000....