Mukti Helped Rajinder to Start a New and Healthy Life

Born in Gurdaspur, Rajinder was 5 years of age when both his parents passed away. One of his maternal uncle took him to Kapurthala and the other took his three sisters. The thought that his uncle love his children more than him became one of the reasons for his insecurity. As the anger and hatred grew, he started distancing himself from them. He could not focus on his studies after sixth class and his school bag carried alcohol instead of books. Somehow even without attendance he managed to reach class 10th.

At the end of the year he fought with his teacher and did not give his exams. That was the end of his school journey. He got into bad company with college going boys and started playing cards, indulged in fights and tried Charas with them.

For 7-8 years till the age of 24, he did bodybuilding and used to lift 100kg weights very easily. At that time he would take one spoon of Bhukhi (drug) everyday to get energy. Initially he tried it for fun and then it became a habit. He also started drinking every night. For the next 5 years he used to be intoxicated for virtually the whole day. Then his sister, who was married in Pathankot, took pity on him and took him along with her. There also he would steal her money, hide, drink and take drugs. His Uncle tried to bring him on track and motivated him to leave drugs. He asked him to study further or work somewhere. But he did not listen to him. Ultimately they left him to his destiny.

Whenever he was alone, realization of what all he had done dawned on him. His body had become very weak and he was not even able to stand on his feet. Many times he stopped taking drugs but would then start again.One of the priest’s in his uncle’s temple took care of him. His relatives seeing his state, felt that he will die like this and under the guidance of the priest got him to SPYM in Chandigarh for de-addiction treatment.

He did not know that there was treatment for De-addiction and as he wanted to be cured, he followed whatever they asked him to do. There in “Art of Living Happiness Program” a process called Sudarshan Kriya, helped him come out of his guilt. Rajinder feels a strong willpower and sincerity is necessary to come out of addiction. Slowly with the grace of His Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji he could pick up the threads of his life.

Now he has a job in PGI Doctor’s mess and only wants to serve the society and help the needy. He has a very close bond with his younger sister who stood by him through his thick and thin. Mr Sandeep from “Art of Living” is instrumental in giving his life a new direction. And whenever he goes to his native place, Kapurthala, people look up to him and respect him and ask him to help others in this situation. The Society for Promotion of Youth & Masses (SPYM) is doing a wonderful job in this area for the rehabilitation of drug addicts.