Mukti Helped Rajinder to Win Over Drug Addiction

Hailing originally from Kharar, Vishal reached Ambala when his father’s close friend adopted him, who had 3 daughters. After adoption his parents were blessed with a baby boy of their own. His real mother visited him a couple of times with lots of toys, but when she saw that he didn’t recognize her and was happy, she relaxed. Vishal sometimes felt that his younger brother was pampered a little more than him. Life went on, and in the year 2000 when Vishal was in his 12th standard, his father retired from his job and started his own business of selling LIC and post office related policies. He earned around 1500- 2000 Rs a month. Vishal chose to finish his graduation through correspondence and started contributing his time and energy in his dad’s business and putting in 12 hours a day.

The business grew manifolds and slowly Vishal completely took over the reins of his father’s business. His earnings rose to 1 lakh per month and then 20,000 a day, in a matter of two years. Everything was booming in his life. He got a bike for himself, had multiple mobiles and started drinking beer casually with his rich friends once in awhile. In 2007 his younger brother met with an accident on railway track and died suddenly under very suspicious circumstances. This event shook Vishal badly; he went into shock and became depressed. He stopped going to work and would just sit at home in his room, or meet up only with his drinking friends and drown his sorrow in alcohol. Whisky made him feel more relaxed and tension free, so it became a daily habit. And as money was not a problem; he stocked his entire bed box with whisky and became totally dependent on it. He tried to work again. Unfortunately he could not, as he was under the influence of alcohol and would sweat and shake if he didn’t consume alcohol. He stopped eating altogether and lost more than half of his actual weight. He would be lying unconscious for hours at a stretch and his family got worried. His parents came from Kharar and took him with them. His sister took him to a doctor. And in a year’s time he stopped drinking and took up a job there. He started drinking casually once again and in 2014 around Diwali he drank a lot and woke up 5 days later. His office, people about his absence, informed his family.

Finally he joined a De-addiction Centre SPYM in sector-18.
With multiple activities, medicine and family support he was able to overcome addiction. But he was still not confident that he would be able to move out. He then joined the Art of Living’s Happiness program and never looked back again. Recently he got married and is happy in his job. Life is Good.